Crestwood AB is the leading company in the world when it comes to servicing and selling pre owned Solna Web offset machines. We have the entire world as our market and have with more than twenty years in business proved to be a good and viable partner for newspapers, book and commercial printers around the world. Please look at our reference list and you can see that we are truly a Global company!

Unlike a lot of other equipment dealers we have since the start been dedicated and highly specialized in one brand – SOLNA WEB – and therefore been able to not only gain great experience and knowledge but also to provide spare parts and service for printers with Solna Web machines worldwide.

Whenever you are in need of parts / service / extension units / complete machines please do not hesitate to contact us and discover for yourself why we are named to be “The Expert Company” when it comes to Solna Web machines.

We are truly looking forward to make contact with you and get you into the “Crestwood Family”!

Yours Sincerely,

Ulf Aggeryd
Managing Director and the Founder of Crestwood 

PS: Over the years we have been asked one question quite frequently; where is the name Crestwood coming from? Very simple! When I was living in USA our first house was located on 478 Crestwood Road! We loved that house and since I also love my company we decided that the name was a very good one!